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Currency Risk

We have years of experience and expertise in managing relative values in currency risk. Where appropriate, and where liquidity in a particular currency exists, we minimize currency risks using a range of hedging instruments including  forwards and options contracts.

Physical Risk

As a matter of practice we cover major insurable risks for all our loads. We maintain policies to mitigate risks including general liability, cargo, property, travel, and vehicle.

Credit and Country Risk

Cross-border commodity transactions carry the risks associated with a country’s overall political, economic, social, financial, regulatory and commercial standing. Where possible, credit and country risks are administratively mitigated and passed on to third parties.

Price Risk

Price risk refers to possible losses due to changes in the market prices of the commodities that we source. Pricing is affected by purchase and sale prices, foreign exchange rates, market volatility, time, geography and quality. Integrated manages these risks, ensuring customers don't have to. 

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