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Joining our team, it can feel like the opportunities are endless. Our diverse businesses span a wide range of industries, geographies and disciplines. No matter what you want to achieve, at Integrated you can find the way to pursue it.

A Day in the Life Of...


"I arrive in the office between 7:30 and 8:00 and read several industry journals and the news before the commodity markets open. At 8:30, I meet with buyers to discuss plant positions, and open trades from the prior day. I then begin calling customers to see what’s happening in the Mexico market and we begin discussions on supply and demand with buyers and producers, examining changing price indicators and macro events - and closing trades. From 9:30 until 4:00 I trade against our game plan, which may be based on volume, price, or margin - or all three. In the late afternoon, I typically check in with logistics on my loads to be delivered. Lastly, after the markets close, I will review trades that didn't clear for pricing or margin and I get those set up for another run at the customer or vendor the following morning." - Pork Trader 



"When you work in logistics there are a variety of issues that can arise. Issues can range from dealing  with impatient traders trying meet a tight promised date commitment to locking in the best freight rate for a multi-load contract. It can also mean communicating directly with a customer looking for a tailored approach to port delivery or border crossing with third party customs providers.  To be successful, I have to place a premium on prioritizing tasks, managing my time wisely, and carefully paying attention to transaction details. The amount of daily internal and external communication I am involved in requires me to be proactive with a strong customer focused mindset. Being a good team player is a must." - Mexican Logistics Manager


"I am a marketing executive. In my role, I help organize various company events for commercial teams and customers, handling brand development. I work with our management team to develop the vision, strategies and in support of the execution of the business plan for market where we trade. Market growth, product development and customer engagement are the key activities of my job and for which I spend the most of my exciting time." - Marketing Manager

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