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When it comes to lean, wholesome meat proteins, pork is growing both in demand and innovation. Integrated Foods is one of the largest distributors of United States pork to export markers. We work packers and processors who work directly with independent family who employ only the best practices in managing animal welfare, including the reduction and or elimination of the use of antibiotics.

Under our popular El Tejano® brand, we sell a number of value added pork items including cooked ribs and moisture-enhanced marinated tenderloins.

Our pork customers include: retailers, processors and wholesalers. To help them enjoy success, we work in partnership  with them to source only the freshest, and most wholesome pork products  money can buy. Among the commodity items we source are:

  • Bone-In Hams

  • Boneless Hams

  • Spare Ribs

  • Back Ribs

  • Bone-in Loins

  • Boneless Loins

  • Bellies

  • Trims

  • Jowls

  • Front Feet

  • Back Feet

  • Snouts

  • Stomachs

  • Tongues

  • Tails

  • Belly Skins

  • Back Skins

  • Picnics

We Proudly Trade

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