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Integrated Foods provides agriculture, food and risk management products to a variety of target customer markets including: importers, foodservice, correctional and healthcare facilities, K-12, wholesalers, processors and the United States military. 

We work with producers, packers, customers, governments and local communities, and we help them grow by delivering product and delivery insights derived from the years of collective experience of our management team.

Global Focus

A recognized leader in agribusiness marketing and distribution, Integrated has built a globally-focused business franchise with the sourcing,  transportation, and product trading and development capabilities designed to meet the needs of customers across continents. 


With unparalleled access to commodity and further processed agricultural and food items,  Integrated supports  the agricultural ecosystem from plant to consumer's plate. 


 We have made a mark  understanding and anticipating shifting winds in economic, trade and agronomic conditions, and we quickly assess the distribution impact on our flows, network and customers.

Risk Management

 Utilizing our risk management platform, customers have access to experts who know your business objectives as well as they know the global commodities markets.


As world economies continue to proliferate, particularly in emerging markets countries, there is a growing chasm between where proteins and other agribusiness products are produced and where they are consumed. Integrated is well placed to meet these growing needs. 

Multi-Modal Logistics

Whether transporting temperature controlled freight over roads or shipping dry bulk, customers can sleep easy relying on our multi-modal supply chain expertise.

Our experts have a deep working knowledge of global and local food ecosystems. And we’re ready to partner with you to develop innovative and cost effective solutions and consumer-driven food and agricultural experiences. When you’re ready to put your business in fifth gear, make Integrated Foods your first call.

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