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At Integrated Foods, we assist retailers, distributors and processors fill their sourcing needs. We help them achieve success with wholesome, high-quality beef. 


In sourcing, our focus is on world-class food with the highest rated safety capabilities so that we ensure the beef we source is safe for global consumers. Our strategic approach to sourcing beef also focuses on solution based execution through selected suppliers that provide beef products to us that they can stand behind. We source:

  • Ribeye

  • Loins

  • Strip

  • Inside Round

  • Bottom Round (Gooseneck)

  • Chuck Roll

  • Clod

  • Knuckle

  • Oxtails

  • Ribs

  • Tongue

  • Trims

  • Cheek Meat

  • Honeycomb

  • Livers

  • Flank Steak

  • Butts

  • Tripe

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